How-to Build Backlinks

Do you want to draw more traffic to your website? There are so many types of free or paid traffic generating techniques you can try. However, search engine optimization (SEO) is the most common. It will give you free traffic directly from Google to your site by using highly relevant keywords. If you’re opting for SEO, then you need to know how to build backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link found in another website which directs to your own website. Having more backlinks will create a significant impact on the prominence of your site in search engine results. Backlinks are crucial to improving your website’s SEO ranking. Search engines measure the rankings of a website through multiple factors and are displayed in search results, backlinks must be natural in a website, and they should be created without artificial means. Quality backlinks will always trump quantity.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks offer two primary benefits to your website – first, they improve your rankings in search engines, and second, they provide more exposure and access of your site from external sources. These benefits are discussed further in detail.

Backlinks show to search engines that they are links offering something interesting and valuable. If the backlink is used pretty often, it will prove that other people like what you offer. Just like a backlink added to an article, website readers can decide on whether to click on it and get linked to your site. If another webmaster gets to read the same article and link to it, you now have several websites linking to the corresponding page of your website. When it is done, repeatedly, the search engine will consider your website valuable and will have it ranked higher.

Having more backlinks will prove that your website is so popular and may appear in the uppermost pages of search engines. However, you must verify that your backlink is essential by providing a high-quality source. If those who click on your backlinks are credible, powerful, influential and authoritative users, this means that your backlink is well-respected and vital to them.

In terms of SEO, having many backlinks in many external sources that are all pointing to your website will have a higher possibility it can be easily found. For example, if you’re using Facebook, you may come across a page where you like it, so quickly you check out this website. If you are inside a forum and by chance read an interesting comment that has the link, you’ll want to check this out too.

So, what it means is having all your backlinks helping out to improve your search engine ranking while promoting and emphasizing the importance and quality of your website to reach more of your target audience.

The Factors that Influence the Quality of a Backlink

If you’re implementing a backlink strategy, you need to consider the quality of the backlinks to stay on top of your competitors. In previous years, poorly functioning search engines were easier confuse by adding lots of backlinks to be able to rank higher. However, search engines have evolved over time and are now considering some factors, especially when adding a new backlink to your website. To obtain the best results, you must add backlinks from high-quality sites that must be variable in the source and link locations. It’s also essential to make your backlinks appear natural when added to the source, anchor text, link location and frequency.


Ultimately, aim for backlinks from authority websites. This may be difficult, especially if your website is new. But why would a popular and influential website link to a smaller, less popular blog? If you ensure you are linked to a more authoritative website, you can surely benefit from their superior power. You can measure the authority of a website by looking at Ahrefs URL Rating (UR) and Domain Rating (DR). If the site has a higher UR and DR than what you have, it’s an appropriate candidate to add your backlink. The higher the DR, the older the domain age and the more authoritative the website is, all the better.


You will also need to consider the niche of your website. If you have a blog about wedding dresses and many other wedding dresses websites link to your blog, it will show the search engine that you have a popular blog related to this theme and niche. This will improve your rankings as your website will appear highly relevant when keywords associated with them are being searched for.

Anchor Text

The text you use for your link is called the anchor text. This phrase is added to your webpage, which should look natural to go with the flow of your content. When a search engine comes across the anchor text, it will link directly to your website. If you have a keyword rich anchor text, you tend to improve the rankings of your website. This is one reason why backlinks are essential and must be relevant to the content of your webpage.

How-to build better Backlinks?

Now that we have established the reasons why backlinks are essential to your sites. How can we go about getting them? There will be people linking to your website out of the goodness of their heart, but it doesn’t mean it is enough. We need to actively build backlinks by doing these techniques to get you started:

1) Article Marketing

You must have a valid reason why you will invest time, effort and money on writing a compelling article for your website. In this article, you’ll include a backlink that directs back to your site. This can be done repeatedly, so you write and submit more articles in several article directories. If people get to read it and find the article interesting, they will check out the site on what’s in store for them when they click the backlink.

2) Guest Blogging

If you have been blogging for a while, why not consider writing an occasional post for another blog related to your niche or market. Ensure you include some links back to your site within the blog post.

3) Social Bookmarking

Why not consider bookmarking new blog posts and pages on your website using some of your preferred social bookmarking sites. Aside from building a link, you also ensure your new content is quickly indexed by search engines.

You can now use these methods which you can do more than just once. Use a regular stream of links which is better than using few once-in-a-while backlinks. So, start being busy with your website and provide more links to get it noticed in search engines. This will definitely have your website become an authority to many people.

Types of Backlinks

Well, links can come in two types – the outbound links and backlinks. The links which you add on your site are called outbound links, while backlinks are those that come from other websites and are directed to the pages of your website. You need to ensure that you have several backlinks if you want your website to become popular. Google will consider your website as an authority website and will rank high in search results. Google considers backlinks very important that it even serves as a recommendation.

Factors to Consider for Backlinking

You need to ensure your backlinks must be in high quality. You must know where your backlinks are coming from to get a clearer picture of how it draws traffic to your site.

  • Backlinks must be relevant: For instance, if your website is selling or renting wedding dresses, ensure the backlinks are from a site that offers relevant information about the wedding fashion industry. In this step, you need to be extra careful as you can get banned by Google for spamming.
  • Backlinks must come from authority websites. This will help your site get the best ranks in search engines in the right ways.
  • Never build backlinks in just 24 hours. Take time to build backlinks most naturally so you can rank well in Google. Manipulating your ranking can be harmful to your site, and prominent search engines will not like it.

So, ensure you’re doing the right steps. You may choose to hire a reputed SEO company to help build your backlinks. If you implement the right skills and expertise, you can expect your website can be listed on Google’s first pages.

How to quickly build Backlinks?

Creating a backlink for your site is easy as it will only take a minute or two. But if you need to develop several backlinks, you need to sit down, think hard and take more time. Backlinks are links coming from different sites and are directed to your website. This may seem an easy concept to do, but you need to know some SEO techniques to make it work for you.

Building backlinks is a vital element to evaluating your website; however, you must have relevant and efficient backlinks. The techniques mentioned below are the best ways to build backlinks to your site. Make use of these strategies to improve the ranking of your website and beat your fiercest competitors:

(1) Create comments on blogs

Blog commenting is an excellent way to build backlinks. However, many blogs utilize no-follow attributes, which may have your backlink come in poor quality. What this means is focusing on a do-follow blog and combine them with a helpful, informative comment.

(2) Post on forums

At the bottom of each post in a forum is the author’s signature. Within the signature, you can add links that direct back to your site. If you make a comment, add some backlinks.

(3) Share on Facebook

It’s a popular social media site where you can share a content which others may use as a reference and build backlinks. At Facebook, you can create an active, driven community where you can share several links, especially when you post these on your wall.

(4) Utilize social bookmarking sites

In social bookmarking sites, you allow users to share your website, media and content, which you feel that others want to see. Submit articles to these social bookmarking sites, so you earn a vital backlink that’s directed to your site.

(5) Create relevant videos

This is a powerful tool where you build backlinks using a video and use the video description to add links. Several users can watch your video, like from YouTube and Vimeo, draw traffic and build links directed to your site.

(6) Write valuable content

If you want others to share relevant content, build backlinks to make these possible. When other webmasters read your articles, they will reference it and link it back to your own website.

(7) Submit to article directories

This is article marketing where you submit your articles to directories. Here you can include a backlink that others can click on and share your content on other websites.

(8) Write on Suite101, Hubpages and Squidoo

These are essential places where you can write and submit content that draws traffic and gain a backlink. Just submit it to these sites, add a link and wait till your website leaps up on search engine index.

(9) Utilize web directories

Yahoo and DMOZ directories are some of the longest running directories online. The links created from these directories are so powerful that you can possibly reach more users to click your backlinks. However, there is still a need to submit your website to smaller directories for a quick search.

(10) Be a guest post on other websites

You can network to other blogs so you can build credible links. Connect with another webmaster and see if they accept your guest posts. If they do, put a backlink in your article so others can click on it and point to your website.

(11) Send out a press release

PRWeb is the most popular website to submit press releases. A press release is written whenever the site releases new content. Take advantage of this opportunity to include your backlinks in the press release.

(12) Trade links with other websites

An excellent method you can do is to trade links with other websites to build a backlink to your site. However, this may create an issue, especially if the website linking back isn’t trustworthy and doesn’t go well with Google.

The process of building backlinks may require some time, but it should be taken separately from an SEO strategy. If you create more backlinks and point it to your website, you increase your chances of ranking well in popular search engines like Google. Building backlinks are also inexpensive as the only limit here is time and effort, so you rank well.

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